The New South Wales Government’s commitment to improving the learning outcomes of all students is underpinned by a number of evidence-based initiatives such as Every Student, Every School. 

This reform aims to provide better learning and support for students with disability, learning difficulties or behaviour support needs through a strong focus on professional learning and support for teachers and other staff.

Mainstream schools may struggle to find the best ways of supporting a child with complex needs. SchoolKit Clinics provide a forum in which specialist teachers and health professionals can be brought in to provide expert advice in a meaningful way that delivers immediate benefits for everyone involved.

The SchoolKit Clinic model has the ability to assist in providing this support as well as becoming an active instrument in developing strong interagency and parent links with the school.

The SchoolKit Clinic model is applicable to each of the five project areas identified to support the Every Student, Every School framework:

  • Professional learning for skilled and knowledgeable teachers
    The SchoolKit Clinic process broadens teacher knowledge in a range of areas, including medical aspects, which can have a huge impact on children with disability or major health problems.
  • Support for students with disability in regular classrooms
    The school can offer support to teachers and families within the everyday classroom setting.
  • Special schools as centres of expertise
    This principle is crucial to the SchoolKit Clinic concept. The principal of a school for specific purposes may potentially be involved with school clinics at mainstream schools to offer invaluable expert advice, especially in the setting-up phase.
  • Understanding and assessing learning and support needs
    Through a multidisciplinary approach a thorough understanding of each child’s strengths and challenges can be reached so that the most appropriate support strategies are put in place.
  • Access to information and expert support
    The involvement of multiple agencies working together gives access to a broad range of knowledge and expertise in areas outside of education, enhancing the skills of teachers and maximising outcomes for students.