SchoolKit Clinics might be initiated by a school or by a medical or allied health team who see a number of children with complex health, educational or social issues. They could also be initiated by families or carers, or others who know a particular child or young person well.

In every case, SchoolKit Clinics are initiated because a key person involved in a child’s care feels that a multidisciplinary, interagency or team approach would be helpful and would benefit the child.

Children involved in SchoolKit Clinics will often have a combination of medical and health diagnoses, such as intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, syndromic diagnoses, various medical issues, emerging mental health concerns, and behavioural or psychosocial issues. The issues may be consistent across settings (for example, at home and at school) or differ widely.

With a team approach the expertise of specialists from health, education and other backgrounds can be utilised. These people see the child in different environments, and are together able to address the complex needs of the child in a comprehensive way, and suggest sensible and practical ways to approach a range of issues. Key is that all parties work as a team with the shared aim of improving the wellbeing of the child or adolescent.

The SchoolKit Clinic Process

The SchoolKit Clinic process can be simply illustrated. Confirming family consent is essential at every stage, nothing goes ahead without it.

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